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Antropology Black Phone

Analytics in web games and how to cook them

What feedback options do you have when writing in Inform, or Undum, or Twine, or any other popular IF engine? You have betatesting, some player reviews on IFDB and some critique articles on IF Planet blogs. If you’re lucky, there can be Twitch streams and Youtube too. Web games can have more than that. »

New game: "Antropology"

I’m still flexing my own IF engine, and today I made a game as another experiment. It’s a micro interactive piece discussing benefits of human speech. Playing the game would take you less time than reading this post. The game works on any web »

Salet presentation

Here’s Salet, a new open source cybertext in-browser IF engine. It’s actually Undum refactored and rewritten in CoffeeScript with some bits of Raconteur sprinkled in. The result is something radically new. Click to play If you are familiar with »

The code of Duel

A flashy amusement for some, or a serious manner to resolve a dispute for others, an IF duel is a long-standing tradition in a Russian IF community. The code duello is this. A morally acceptable duel starts because of an argument or an insult, to defend »

IF Twitter?

Today I’m going to tell you about a fresh social network for gamebooks I found. A website which allegedly got one million views just in its first week after the public release. »