A game where you shoot things

I made a game! And you can play it now! But first I will talk about why you should.

Play my new cybertext interactive fiction first person shooter online fantasy not notgame! (it’s a game) here!

What is it?

I saw someone asking about FPS genre: “How can this be fun? You just shoot things.” and, well, this happened.

The plot is simple: you have a gun, you are standing in front of a weird green portal and evil liquid robots come out to get you so you shoot them.

Got that? Good. Because it’s a bit deeper than that.

According to wc, the English version has 1805 words, the Russian has 1616. (It’s not entirely accurate, but it’s a max estimate.) The details may be little, but they sure do stack together.

„This is not my cup of tea.“

I understand this is not exactly a traditional IF, not a traditional adventure and not really a FPS. The plot is thin, and the gameplay is very repetitive. So you might not understand it and that’s totally okay. (You still should see it because the average play time is only around three minutes.)

But you might like looking at the source code, released under the MIT license. This is the biggest open source Raconteur project to date.

These are some cool features you can learn from the sources:

  • Custom SASS styling using Bootstrap v4 framework
  • Splitting your game into several CoffeeScript files
  • Easy text cycling
  • International support
  • HTML5 sound effects with volume control
  • Graphical effects
  • Realtime events
  • A non-linear menu (CYOA) dialogue (seriously, for some reason it’s very rare in the West IF)

So, if you want to learn how it’s done, the code is all here.


Mostly it’s a test of the engine and the amount of polishing I can make for my games. I’m testing Raconteur, I’m testing itch.io releases, sound effects, internationalization…

I have several other, more serious games on this engine in the works, so it’s really important to see how this one will do.

So, I invite you to try it and tell me in the comments how was it to you.

Have fun!