The code of Duel

A flashy amusement for some, or a serious manner to resolve a dispute for others, an IF duel is a long-standing tradition in a Russian IF community. The code duello is this. A morally acceptable duel starts because of an argument or an insult, to defend »

IF Twitter?

Today I’m going to tell you about a fresh social network for gamebooks I found. A website which allegedly got one million views just in its first week after the public release. »

Eventful days

This Monday I released a game called “Black Phone”. It was submitted for a LocusJam, a jam about locations. It is also my first English-first release (that is, there is no Russian version at the moment). So, my location game is a traditional adventure »

IF gameplay variants

IF is a hybrid genre. As an author, you want the player to read your text - you know, like a literature - but you have to make it interactive, so the player won’t become bored. I think the game writing is much closer to a movie writing, because you have to constantly switch between the “scenes”, splitting your game into small chunks. So I’ve compiled a list of all the interactivity flavours of IF you can use. »

Fear of people

When discussing this topic, I have to remind that I am 25 year old white male living in CIS. My opinion is a product of my experience which can be wildly different from yours. But still. »